Friday, April 6, 2012

Artist Profile Number Five: Kas Kasongo

This artist is not as known and he does not seem to be that famous. But this man has a great voice and I am surprised to say this man is a beast like singer. This man has a unique voice.

I am speaking about Kas Kasongo. This man is a singer. But he is also a very known actor. Yep this man unlike the rest of them is actually a known and popular actor. He has appeared on some notable theaters. I suggest you search for him and you will see him around. He has been in the acting business for around 15 years. Kas Kasongo is a well liked legend in the acting business.

But some years later, Kas developed interest in music. He has said that he is a big fan of late Madilu System and JB Mpiana. He is trying to get his music career started though he continues to do acting.

Kas Kasongo is now looking for ways to get his music out.

I will now share you with the snapet of Kas's music

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