Monday, April 2, 2012

Artist Profile Number One: TRES B

One artist I am going to expose to you is one man, I see as a person who has a quite bright future. I am talking about Congolese UK artist name Tres B. This man is one good charming singer. There is a biography done about him so I will not put everything of this man. I want fairness done to him. I will write some important things about him.

Tres B (or known as Tres B B D'or) was born in Kinsahsa. His birthname is Tresor Kiambu. He grew up with music all over him. He got to really show his music when he was nine years old becoming aware of valuable music is and how good music was to him. He was also exposed to gospel music and he was becoming the man behind the choir setting.

As he became a teenager, his music expanded. He found himself to like R&B, Hip Hop as well as Congolese music. He grew up hearing likes of Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and Pepe Kalle. He realized he could combine some genres together.

Sadly not everything was always great. In 2006, he experienced horrible times when he became a orphan in London when his parents was in a big dispute in Congo. For some time, Tresor Kiambu had a tough time going in life though he continued attending a local Congolese church, and learning how to play guitar.

In 2011, he started to getting big recognition when he got his great song LONELY MAN. This song helped get him some credibility he needed.

Tres BB D'or is not all statisified with his success. He is now going to aim get better as an artist. He says that he intends to get some notable respect for music he enjoys.

For more info on this artist check his bio here

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