Monday, April 16, 2012

Artist Profile Number Seven: Dona Mobeti

I am now giving another presentation to you to another artist I want you guys to become aware of. This man is someone who has a huge fan base of many Kinshasa people. A lot of Congolese people actually like this man a lot. He also made some unique impact in one band that was known very well in Kinshasa.

OK, I am speaking about Mr. Dona Mobeti. Yep Commandment Dona Mobeti that many Congolese people know about. He was born in the ages of Papa Wemba, Bozi Boziana, and others. Unlike the most of his generation, he was not part of the CLAN LANGA LANGA train. He was a member of the band Orchestre Cavacha and that band produced some classic hits. One of the notable ones that Dona did and he likes the song himself called Cherie Kadatti which was released in 1974 or at least Dona himself told me. But by 1980, the band Cavacha seemed nowhere. Dona Mobeti embarked a solo career.

Meanwhile, he formed a side band that had some popularity too. That band is called Molokai Stars. These group helped him get some important success.

Now days, Dona Mobeti is still active in music now pairing up with legends like guitarist Beniko Popilipo, and singer Nyboma.

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  1. Dona Mobeti re-released Cheri Kadetti in 2008.


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