Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is Freedom of Speech dead? Part 2

I think Freedom of Speech is certainly going down because of another thing: Trying to be a true person. To many peoplle, it is a bad thing. The reason, it means that you are not afraid to challange someone and tell them how you think.

People do want to be challanged because it means they actually have to think which bothers them big time. It also means they can not always force things unto people's throats. No wonder why on certain forums, you see members who want to be themselves are bullied on. Why? Because they don't fit in like most "SO-CALLED NORMAL PEOPLE". Wat is the defintion of normal according to many? It is being so misguided and straight up a person to always be brainwashed.

So my message today for members of forums who are being brainwashed, be yourself and do what you can to be yourself so no one makes you so mad.

Have a great day to all my fans.

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