Artist Profile Number Two: Yves Francois (trumpet master)

yves fran├žois en action 16.2.10 nyc avec simon kashama

I tried to have many info on this individual but it is not easy because this man is not quite that famous. But I can try to make an attempt to talk about this individual. It is quite important for people to know this man.

I am speaking Yves Francois. No I am not of the canadian person Blanchet and I am not speaking of the Haiti contrustuction. When I speak of Yves Francois, I am speaking about the trumpet sir who lives in Chicago. Those who love Jazz music in Chicago pretty much know who I am referring to. I am referring to YVES FRANCOIS. That man who is a excellent trumpet expert. Yep this Yves Francois is the top Chicago trumpet players.

This man was born in 1945 or possibly maybe 1944-1954 period. He grew up with music all over him. His father was a known musicians as well. He grew up on his influence from Frankie Newton to Louis Armstrong. He started his music career in 1970s. He became a very popular trumpet player during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. He did so many genres like Jazz, congolese, west African, Cuban, and etc. For years, Francois was a popular person in soul music.

Because of his love of many bands, he decided to form a band in 2002. That band is called Rocambu Jazz. This band has so many personalities. One of them is Simon Kashama a guitarist/singer. Yves Francois's mission is to carry his passion of music to many people especially people who live in Chicago. Yves Francois is going to continue to work to get his music put accross.

For Yves Francois's website for his music here


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