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I love this great 1993 record. It is the album from my second favorite band Empire Bakuba. It is the album Poto Malili: Kinshasa Moto Moto. I mean basically the album is somewhat a dedication to Europe and Kinshasa as many Congolese were more into going to Europe than other areas including United States (USA). This is a real Empire Bakuba album. Because unlike many Empire Bakuba works, it does not have too much of Pepe Kalle. The real stars, I would the real stars are Dilu Dilumona, Djodjo Ikomo, and Blaise Mava. They appeared on all of the six songs. They were the people that shined in those songs. We have songs together like Mama Mapasa, Yo Naponi, Pense A Moi, Ngai Ngaye, Mbiya, and Diaminate.

We have some great moments from some of these excellent songs. One song that is excellent is Dilu Dilumona's song Ngai Naye which is a remake record of his record Pesa Ngai Loboko. But on this version, no Pepe Kalle on this song. But the original, Pepe Kalle does appear on the record. Dilu Dilumona regardless he shines and he is able to make some great lead vocals. The interesing record to me was the song Mbiya which is another Dilu Dilumona record. This song, Dilu shines too and he is able to show his skill as a ordinary singer. But then Pepe Kalle steps in and put his own blue print into this classic song.

But the main person for this album is the great entertainer Djouna Mumbafu. He has a strong prescene in each song that he animates. He also puts his strong and crazy voice into these classic songs. Djouna Mumbafu was the King of this work and he made some great moments. Part of this great work is because of Djouna Mumbafu.

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