Sunday, June 17, 2012

Verckys's religious question

I posted this song because it is the song I was always aware that caused major controversy for many people and pratically the church would be so pissed hearing this song.

I am referring the song Nakomitunaka. This song was done by former OK Jazz saxophonist Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta. He is commoningly known as Verckys. Verckys is one unique man and he understood things. He made a controversial song. He makes a song called Nakomitunaka which literally means I ask myself. In this song, he asks GOD about why only the church puts pictures of the Chrisitian figures like Jesus, Matthew, Paul, John, and others as white figures and why none of them can be displayed as black figures. He also talks to GOD that this is not fair and it brings major prejudice in the church.

This idea of questioning the church angered the Congolese catholic church and they tried very hard to ban this song from getting any airways. But here is the thing: IT WAS A BASIC EPIC FAIL. This song was so popular that the song was totally unbannable. As result this song can be played anytime for people to hear.

I applaud Verckys for correctly question the church about the race of people because it is certain that not all Bible people were purely white. There must be other races in that bible all wise everyone would be white.

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