Thursday, August 9, 2012

Early 1980s Edition: Kinshasa Mboka Ya Makambo

I am somewhat mad that I have not been posting about Franco lately. I guess I have been listening to hear other music lately. Damn, that really that can be so freakin messed up.

Enough of my rant. I want to focus on one Franco song that may not have everyone's attention but I feel this song can be relatable to today's problem in BANA KIN. The song that I am speaking about is Franco's song "Kinshasa Mboka Ya Makambo". It can be translated to Kinshasa, Town of Problems or Kinshasa, Country of Problems. Not sure. You can make that judgement. Anyway this song was about often the bullshit of Kinshasa with all type of rumors and worse, the rumors are often to be so BELIEVABLE. What a great shame. Franco was crying (I mean WHINING) about the fact that Congolese people are easy into blaming, making lies about others, and slandering others far too easily. Sadly that is true with Congolese and no wonder many Africans love to make fun of Congolese people. As a Congolese American, I even fall into this nonsense. Franco was asking Congolese people why do we like to fight, why we do bullshit to each other, and why we do stupidity on eachother.

Now here is one of the twist of this song: ACTUALLY it also relates to Grand Maitre Franco. The song is also known as Ndunda which means Vegetable or many say would be Grass. But the song "Ndunda" or "Kinshasa Mboka Ya Makambo" is actually a remake of the song "Mobali Na Ngai Azali Etudiant Na M'Poto". Why did Franco remade that song. Well it turns out many people were accusing Franco of smuggling weed to Europe (POTO). Also one person who acutually almost made it believable was Tabu Ley. Now this does not surprise. I don't blame Tabu Ley considering that Franco was always a better musician and band leader than Tabu Ley could have ever had. Tabu Ley is the only thing he had was great singing which Franco often lacked.

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  1. kenyan and gave always wanted to know why the crowd went wild


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