Thursday, August 23, 2012

Golden 1970s focus: NYBOMA

The person that was very important during the 1970s was no other than the man who was a great backip singer. That man that I am speaking of Nyboma. Why him?

Well because Nyboma was the man that was able to make a great impact during this golden 1970s era. He was someone who knew how to sing so well. I mean Nyboma was very flawless when I hear him singing. He also was able to provide some great lead vocals and he knew how to be Nyboma.

When I hear songs like Abissina, Mbuta, Lusumba, Massele, Sofele, and others, what I see from Nyboma is the great singing. He can sing with anyone and he can turn it into gold. Also those songs were gold because a lot of Zairians knew those songs and they would enjoy those songs so much. Nyboma got lots of attention and he was becoming a important star.

I would say that Nyboma was able to make a great impact on three bands that he was part of whether it was Bella Bella, Lipua Lipua or Les Kamale. He was able to make some great impact and he was able to make great music and he was able to make some important songs.

That is why I call Nyboma a important focus during the golden 1970s era.

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