Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lemba Lemba

I have done some listening to some Lipua Lipua. I made a good biography about them (Lipua Lipua biography). I did hear one song that I do really apperciate from Lipua Lipua. I hope that more will able to hear this classic material that I am about speak about now.

I am speaking about the song Lemba Lemba. This song is a major genius. I really enjoy this great song. I mean the rhythm guitar of Vata Mombasa already makes the song great. Then you got the backup singers. They really sing this song well and their heart into this great song. Then you got a banging sebene with the great guitar of Santana Mongoley. That only enhances the greatness of the song. Then you got the trumpets and saxophones which only make the song so unique. Nzaya Nzayadio makes the song so legendary with his agressive voice. I mean Nzaya Nzayadio was and is a unique singer. I cannot get enough of it.

What I see in this song is Nzaya Nzayadio shining as well as Lipua Lipua as a whole making something dynamic and it has some important melodies that are great. I really enjoy this song a lot. I want others to hear it too.

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