Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mouvement ya Kin

There was a known song from Bella Bella. This song was no like other songs that came out in the 1970s era. This song was something that some Kinshasa folks want to sing in their own ways whether it is rap or even mantaining soukous music. People think of this name because it is something unique.

I am speaking of the name KIN. Well KIN is short of the great place in Democratic Republic of Congo. That place is called Kinshasa. Kinshasa is always chanted by lots of Congolese people who love and enjoy Kinshasa. My dad lived in Kinshasa for some time. Kinshasa brings a major blessing to the world.

The song that was chanted that I am presenting is the song done by Bella Bella. Their song is called Mouvement ya Kin. It means that it Kin Movement. It is a song where Soki brothers (Soki Diazenza & Soki Vangu) sing about the movement of the Kin people to have people understand the uniquessness of Bana Kin. It really seem that they were passion from the soki brothers as they kept singing. I mean I found it so unique.

Mouvement ya Kin is a song where you see some great importance and some great movement of singing. I enjoy this song qutie a bit.

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