Thursday, August 2, 2012

Petite Zizina

Now I am looking at a song that is a classic song but it comes at a time when the band is about to end. Also a band that is on a dying state and its making its last effort to least end in a good note.

That is the case with the great band Bella Bella. Bella Bella was at a state where they were basically falling apart. This was also the period that there was one personnel. That was Soki Vangu. Soki Diazenza was hiding in Kinshasa when this band was going in the dumps. This period was in 1980-1981 period. This was when many bands were going down. Bella Bella was one of them. So as result, Soki Vangu decided to make a song that sort make that clear but provide hope for one reason. That was his daugter Zizina. He made a song called Petite Zizina.

This song here Soki Vangu sings about that Zizina needs to carry the torch. Soki is convincely saying that he is dying and he is no longer important. I althoguh I feel that Soki was always important but I understood Soki. Soki Vangu was seeing his band crumpling as many of them joined major bands espcially Afrisa International de Tabu Ley. Soki Vangu was saying that he was never going to be able to be what he once was. Sadly he was right. After this song, Soki Vangu lost Bella Bella and only a decade later, he died. But Soki Vangu still managed to be great in this song and Soki Vangu was grateful for life he had.

Soki Vangu was someone who was able to show though he felt something and he wanted to make it clear. Soki Vangu felt that he was going down but he felt that he had a great life and he wanted his daughter to have a better life.

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