Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Now let me get going with another song from Bella Bella. This song is no like other songs that I have heard from this band. This band can be somewhat a great old legend band that came on this earth.

Bella Bella made a great song that stands out. The song that I am talking is the song called Zamba Zamba. This song is something that I have always found some value in hearing. Soki Vangu is someone who knew how to make some great masterpieces. This song is one of them. After all, he composed this great song.

This song has some excellent singing. Zamba Zamba means Bush Bush. Soki Vangu is singing about being part of a bush and how a bush can bring some refreshment to this society. Later on, Soki Vangu sings the known music genre MAKOSSA. What is Makossa if you wonder. Well it is a genre that was created by former African Jazz saxophonist Manu Dibango. Soki Vangu really loved that genre quite a bit. The great sebene and great bass playing by Shaba Kahamba made this song so unique.

I would argue that this actually Bella Bella's best song that we have seen for a long time. This is the record that made Soki Vangu, SOKI VANGU.

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