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Pepe Kalle Love Number One

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Seven Creative Ways to Show Your Love to Pepe Kalle

For years, people loved the tunes of Pepe Kalle. Although the musician passed away in 1998, his name is still well known in the music industry. How can you continue to show your love for this great in a few different creative ways?

A Spiritual Side
If you believe in direct connections with the other world, sit down and meditate. We're not saying that you are going to channel the soul of Pepe Kalle, but simply listening to his music while you relax can help bring you closer to this singer once again.
Give a Presentation
Perhaps you are a student who grew up at the very end of the Pepe Kalle era. It's likely that some of your friends have never heard of him. To let them know about the music Kalle created, prepare your next classroom presentation in honor of him. As long as the teacher approves the topic, this can work well for a public speaking class, a history class and so forth.
Play Some Tunes
Do you play an instrument yourself? While you would need to check copyright laws before you go out and play his music at the local bar, you could entertain your family and friends with some self taught classics.
Visit His Home
Maybe you are really devoted to this particular singer, and you want to go to the place where he grew up: the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Located in central Africa, you'll be able to explore a culture that is new to you. Maybe you'll even get lucky enough to run into some people who knew Pepe Kalle when he was alive.
Donate to Charities
When Kalle passed in 1998, it was due to a heart attack. Honor the memory of this man, and work to protect others from passing of the same problem. When you see a charity that works to raise awareness and prevent conditions of the heart, be sure to donate money for it. As you send over the check or put the money into the donation box, be sure to remember the great Pepe Kalle.
Write an Article
If you really love Kalle, then you likely want to share that information with other people. Perhaps you could write an article for the school newspaper, or maybe you can ask the town paper if they would like a special piece on him. Search for websites that allow you to write on articles of your choice. Your main goal is to reach a wide audience.
Use Social Media
Create a fan group that is in honor of Pepe Kalle on Facebook. From time to time, you may even want to post updates that remind people about his greatness.

It's a sad fact that Pepe Kalle has passed on from this world; however, that is even more motivation to keep his memory alive in today's world. Do not let him fade away into the past. Continue to show your love for this musical great in all of these aforementioned ways.

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