Friday, October 12, 2012

My Note to Grand Maitre Franco

Dear Franco,

Franco you are a great musician. You were a true Congolese musician. You were a musician who understood others and wanted the best in every musician. Most musician envied you because you knew life so much. You were wiser than your age. Musicians like Papa Wemba, Tabu Ley, Pepe Kalle, Nyoka Longo, and Bokelo were never able to be like you. You were a figure that had something that those five did not have. You were so real. You spoke the truth even when it was not a popular opinion. You did songs that caused a real discussion not only in Congo but within the whole Africa continent. You changed the face of Congolese music. You were the only musician that was able to really real authentic Congolese music that is so unique. You are the reason why Congolese music became unique. You were the one who brought the uniqueness of a musician. You had humor but you were a real man. Franco, you are not replaceable. Rest in Peace.


Franco Pepe Kalle

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