Thursday, November 22, 2012

A great Zimbabwe Rumba Song 1

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone enjoy a safe and great weekend a good thanksgiving weekend.

To give you guys a great treat. Here it is.

I found a great song Zimbabwe song from a Rumba group name Jairos Jiri Band. They made a very entertaining song that was so great in many ways.

Their great song that they made was called Sarah. I know this song is a love song although I am not sure what they are saying but regardless but I am impressed with their singing. Also they were really into their music and I could see thier great passion. It also gave me the vibe that they enjoyed making this song that they did.

They had a great sebene and they managed to entertain me with their amateur acts. I am impressed with this band.

Here is the song Sarah from Jairos Jiri Band.

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