Friday, December 21, 2012

resurface of PEPE KALLE for wrong reasons now

Forgive me for not writing a post for weeks. I have been finishing college first semester, and occassional facebook drama as well as forums conversations.

These days it seems that Pepe Kalle has gotten some attention but now it is for wrong reasons.

It has been that Pepe Kalle has been used for all the wrong causes.

There are two videos I have found that deal with PEPE KALLE.

This video is Jolie Bebe speaking about Pepe Kalle and Empire Bakuba. She gets into the history of Empire Bakuba and Pepe Kalle but then gets into the problems within Bakuba and wants to basically pretend that she, Djouna, and some others are more Pepe Kalle like than Papy Tex and shit like that.
Just hear the rest

But this video makes me more mad as this oppurtinist bitch pastor basically accusses Pepe Kalle wanting to put devil spells on people when Pepe Kalle only made people dance. That is all. This man is just a oppurtunist who is not serving God but serving Money. Money is all this bitch wants. This bastard is so messed up. He just wants to make himself look like a saint. I bet he has shit that he does not want to speak about.

Pepe Kalle has been insulted for a long time by many people as they pretend they are more Pepe Kalle than others or that Pepe Kalle was satan himself. Now I have evidence from these videos that Pepe Kalle is just getting hurt.

Empire Bakuba is just a divided camp with no soul anymore. If Empire Bakuba exists (which apparently is not the case), then it is led by Papy Tex. Djouna Mumbafu has his own group but he has no musicians. Doris Ebuya lives in Switzerland with some random musicians, or at least that he told me himself. Elvis Kunku is living in Paris with a band doing some good old music. Elvis Kunku is married to a woman who is the boss of Africambiance. Again, I will not say her name. Papy Tex lives in Germany seemingly just doing some occassional performance. Jolie Bebe and Dekolos are doing their own thing all around Europe. I mean none of these guys care about the fact that they are demeaning the name of Pepe Kalle so much.

I just want to do something. Pepe Kalle has been insulted enough, and If I see this again, I will just call them out as I see fit. So sad that Pepe Kalle has been gone from this earth for 14 years and see people trying to make money of his name. Such a ashame.


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  2. as usual you have no idea what you are talking bout. I have no clue why you feel as though you have the inside information on any members when all you do is listen to hear-say. I translated your blog for a few members and they say you are misguided and create nonsense.

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