Wednesday, December 26, 2012


If there is one song that I have been unable to get out of my freakin head is a great rumba from a country. No it is not either Kenya, Congo, Tanzania, or even Cameroon at that matter. In fact the country this song comes from the country Zimbabwe.

Well the band I am speaking about is called the Real Sounds of Africa. Thanks to Soukousman, I had discovered them a little bit. This band is not your average band. In fact there is some connection from Congo. Some of the musicians of Real Sounds of Africa were actually from Congo but grew or came to Zimbabwe. They teamed up with some Zimbabwe musicians to form this band Real Sounds of Africa.

The congolese members of this band were Motombo, Mumba, Pompon, Ilunga, and Kabange.

Here they make a song that I am addicted to. The song I am speaking about is the song WENDE ZAKO. This song is so incredible. We had some great singing and some good guitars and of course great trumpets and some smooth saxophone. I love this song a lot in my view. It is classic. Enjoy the song

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