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We have a great album or LP from two legendary musicians that have ever came in Congo and the whole great Africa. Well I am speaking of two singers who once grace the time. I am talking about Mr. Madilu Bialu System "Grand Ninja" and Mr. Nyboma Canta "Canto". These two singers are in my opinion one of the greatest singers in their generation.

The interesting about these two men are that they were part of the new wave of Congolese. It was that it began with former OK Jazz saxophonist and former Veve leader Verckys. He began getting some youth talent around the Kinshasa music scene. This new wave would eventually include people like Nyboma, Madilu, Nzaya Nzayadio, Nyoka Longo, Evoloko, Bozi Boziana, Papa Wemba, Pepe Kalle, and some others.

However during the 1970s, Nyboma had a lot of success and Madilu at the other end was just another name. Nyboma was in bands like Bella Bella, Lipua Lipua, and Les Kamale just making gold. Madilu had a good band in Bakuba Mayopi but that went nowhere and then tried a failed band Pamba Pamba with Bella Bella's own Soki Vangu. Nyboma managed to make great songs like Andoya, Mbuta, and others to think of. Madilu at the other end had one memorable song called Pamba Pamba and that was about it.

But in the 1980s in my opinion, Madilu had more fame than Nyboma. According to some music historians, Nyboma had began to be lost with going to West Africa with the band African All Stars. Nyboma tried to remake Les Kamale but that was so shortlived. Nyboma only got a revival in my view in his career when he joined 4 Etoiles with Syran Mbenza, Bopol and former OK Jazz singer Wuta Mayi. Madilu would find his own star when he sang the song NON with Grand Maitre Franco in 1983. From there, Madilu became the front man of OK Jazz. He made impact on songs like Pesa Position, Mamou, Mario, and Boma Ngai, Ngai na Boma Yo To Bomana. In addition, Madilu introduced a dance which in my view should never came in the first place. That was the dance Mayeno. This dance was first heard of Boma Ngai, Ngai na Boma Yo To Bomana which happened to have Franco on it and I don't think this dance suited Franco well. This dance eventually consumed OK Jazz and even Franco got himself into this dance as well. This dance became pretty official after Franco died in 1989.

Now all the history and opinion of mine cross into this great LP. This Lp that I am into is called Stop Feu Rouge. This LP is a absolute masterpiece of course with the dance Mayeno which apparently became very popular, no longer just in OK Jazz but almost everyone felt this dance. But the song it begins with is the song Stop Feu Rouge which I notice the best Afrisa singer Pompon Kuleta. His voice was felt as well as Nyboma, and Aime Kiwakana. I mean the song just gets you to the beat especially Nyboma and Madilu voices consume you. Then comes the song Magali which I love because Madilu just commands that song. It is a great rumba song with some important passion. I love it very much and I think others should hear this beautiful song. We deal with Keva which belongs to Nyboma because he once again, his soft and important voice in this song and with Dally Kimoko playing his guitar, we got something unique. In my opinion, the best song of this LP is KEVA.

However the song that was partially responsible for the legend of Madilu was the song Voison. Why this song as oppose to Magali. Well it is because this song has Madilu commanding the song and the dance Mayeno. Actually this song, my parents love to death. This song just brings you joy with the voice of Madilu because he is able to maintain his great vocals but also be serious. Of course, we have a little entertainment of Odette. That is so funny to me. I like this song too but not like my parents. TRUST ME. This song is the one I would definitely recommend to more older people like my parents.

This was the first time that actually Nyboma and Madilu though they have been close friends for some time. But after this masterpiece LP, on almost every Madilu work, Nyboma was involved. In one Kekele Cd with Nyboma, there was a song with Madilu. I argue that if this LP never occurred, I doubt Nyboma and Madilu would ever sang together. Just my opinion.

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