Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tabu Ley no longer here

Man I cannot believe this is just happened. Just when we saw what would have been the 62nd birthday of Pepe Kalle, we lose another great singer of Congolese music. That is Tabu Ley. Yep Tabu Ley. He is dead. He was 73 years old. My heart just aches for his family and others who deeply appreciated and loved Tabu Ley. 

Here is one connection between me and Tabu Ley. When my dad lived in Kinshasa, he actually met Tabu Ley in 1987. My dad told me that he was attending a political meeting when he met Tabu Ley. My dad could not believe it and inside he was so shell shocked. He even said hello Mr. Seigner Rochereau. Rochereau responded with a nod. Typical Tabu Ley. kiekiekie. Just too much ego. 

Although I believe Franco is better than Tabu Ley. Tabu Ley had one thing that Franco only wished he had was a beautiful voice. Franco's voice was often shitty and not that great although there were moments where he was fantastic with his solo vocals. That was hardly with Tabu Ley. Rochereau's voice was so poetic and it brought some birds to your belly. It was quite interesting if you ask me. That was the case with his songs like Kaful Malay, Mace, Sarah, Tu as dit que, Muzina, Exil-Ley, Tempelo and others. It made Rochereau a great legend. 

Franco and Tabu Ley were smart to work together. They made one song that stood out to me as a Congolese music listener. That song is Ngungi. That song made something magical occur. Their voices together made a moment that many will never forget. I am so into this song. It is a beauty song that I can never get enough of. 

Tabu Ley will be missed. Tabu Ley you just rest in peace. 

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