Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mayeno, oh Mayeno Mayeno is, Mayeno will be, what is about Mayeno

Hello my fellow people. I am sorry, I had posts ready before my college courses demanded more of my time. I have had led little opportunities of doing some good posts. Also I have been debate with friends and family whether to start getting money from this blog. I don't want to because I don't need to do that. I want to be everyone else and work. Who knows. At least not know. I don't want to do it now. 

Another thing in my way is one of my brother has a graduation party tomorrow and it is not going great. We cannot agree on anything. My brother wants his mostly western songs and my parents want no English speaking songs or English songs that are so lame. Worse my parents are obsessed with one particular style of music. This makes me the middle person because I had to decide. I put more this style that I would have like to. 

Now what does the second part have anything to do with the post. It is very related. In fact this conflict leads to the post that I am going to touch. What my parents will want at this party is the dance that is a dance. It is the dance that was a clear alternative to Kwasa Kwasa. It was not from Afrisa. It comes from OK Jazz. That dance became Mayeno. Who popularized the dance. I am speaking of Madilu System. Mayeno is a dance that is pretty known in the area of Matadi full of Bakongo Congolese folks. But the dance was not known around Congo up until 1986 when Madilu officially launched this dance as a attempt to counter Empire Bakuba's Kwasa Kwasa. This dance is the one that my parents really want to play more than necessarily at a party. My brother does not give one living shit about Mayeno. 


Here is my actual opinion on the dance Mayeno. I actually do like the dance Mayeno very much. It has its good and bad. 

Let me do the bad first 
- It was more soukous music
- It was nothing really related to OK Jazz
- It was a OK Jazz version of Kwasa Kwasa
- It had quite sexual elements (often more perverted than Empire Bakuba's Kwasa Kwasa)
- It was a less dirty version of Zaiko Langa Langa's dance "Etutana, Yango Na Yango"
- Often it had unnecessary noises
- It fulfilled the great narcissism that is Madilu System
- It became too centered around Madilu
- It poisoned the original OK Jazz odemba music that made Franco such a legend (case in example Franco's great classic Les Rumeurs was done in Mayeno dance). 
- It was the contributing factor behind the division in OK Jazz since it was essentially Madilu's dance. 

- It made the legend of Madilu System
- It gave OK Jazz to attract young people who were wanting the music of Pepe Kalle
- It gave Kwasa Kwasa dance its run for money
- It was a traditional dance becoming mainstream
- It made people move in many ways that were not possible
- Madilu knew how to make great lines especially with just MAYENO
- It gave Madilu more attention 
- It helped OK Jazz have some success during the early 1990s before its demise
- It made people recognise the importance of Madilu
- It remake the emphasis of the diversity in the OK Jazz music
- Madilu was able to get Pepe Kalle to notice him
- Madilu had the ability to always redo the style and sounds of Mayeno

As you can notice I see the good and bad of this dance. This dance was known in Matadi community. Madilu was a great dance. He created a dance that has been popularized. Since Madilu never had his due early in his career, he was able to become a genius for this great dance. Mayeno gives people a chance to enjoy the dance and see how they feel about this dance. As I said, Mayeno is one dance that some Congolese will definitely remember. 

What do you think about Mayeno. 

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