Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simaro's unknown CD: Shako

I have a opportunity to give you something to enjoy during the summer. This is a good time for me. 

I am speaking of the album by the genius poet himself Simaro Lutumba. This album is called Shako. But this album is unique because this album has two combinations. Let focus on the last four songs before I go into the two songs. 

I am going on the other four songs that come from the Simaro and TPOK Jazz album. This is work from OK Jazz likely from 1988-89 period because we hear the voice of Malage de Lugendo. I also hear the voice of Djo Mpoyi, Josky Kiambukuta, and Madilu System. This work I don't believe involve any rhythm guitar of Simaro Lutumba himself. It is said that these four songs have no composition from Simaro. The songs that I am talking about are Eliana, Nakosenga, Kiwelelele, and Toweli.  Three of those songs give you the idea of the dance Mayeno and Djo Mpoyi was the important man because he was all apparent in all four songs. Notice also there are more studio musicians than OK Jazz musicians. I see some composers are Al Zimbi bass man and Do Akongo the rhythm man. So that is the idea behind. Regardless, it is known that Franco had no part of this project since he was not well and was mostly residing in Belgium. 

Now let's get into the two songs that Simaro ACTUALLY was part of. I am talking two songs. They are Shako and Tshitshi. Shako is a interesting song because it premiers the voice of the woman Natalie who would participate in some Bana OK songs until 2001. Her voice is jolly and enjoyable. She was able to capture some youth sound out of her. That is a good song. It also includes Mr. Elba A formerly of Youlou Mabiala's group Kamikaze and LokombeThen comes Tshitshi. This song is just a genius because the strong voice of Ndombe Opetum. His voice is amazing and they are able to sound perfect. His strong voice with others are able to the song so strong. That is definition of real music and not the junk that we are used to every day. But the bands are different. Shako was definitely with Bana OK since Elba A is totally audible. The second song was with TPOK Jazz. The guitar sounds like it and more importantly, I think the unreconginsible voice with the other man and Ndombe is Madilu System. Since Madilu was never in Bana OK, then it must be OK Jazz. 

This is one of the best work for Simaro. It is a genius work. People should get this album as soon as they have a chance. 

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