Friday, July 11, 2014

Joe Arroyo tribute

Welcome to my blog today as a I am going to make a tribute to one great artist. Not from Africa or America although those are the things I am familiar with. I am doing a artist from South America area. 

I am speaking of one artist that I have grown to love and enjoy his music. I am speaking of Joe Arroyo. He has had a rich history making great influence in his country Colombia. Colombian music was big with Joe Arroyo involved. 

Joe Arroyo had humble beginnings. He was discovered by a person name Julio. He ended up in the group called Fruko y sus Tesos. He would perform with this band for 10 years. 

But in 1981, Joe Arroyo left that to begin his solo career and had his back group known as La Verdad which means The truth. 

From there, Joe Arroyo would release so many classic songs like Rebelión","La noche" "Tania", "El Ausente" "En Barranquilla me Quedo", "Musa", "Bam Bam" and many others. Joe Arroyo would be a big artist in Colombia in 1980s and 1990s. 

But as always every artist has their downfall. For Arroyo it was beginning after 2000. He was often not well health wise and often he would not show up at shows. Some people alleged this was due to his possible smoking habits he had when he was younger. Despite he was still making some good music and his fans remained loyal to him. In fact in a few months before his death, Joe Arroyo was doing some heavy shows for his fans. He died on July 26, 2011. 

Joe Arroyo was a artist that was actually pretty international while still sticking to his sound. He managed to mix Salsa music with cumbla, porro, soca, compas, and zouk with other African sounds together. Which makes sense since some of his songs sound Congolese to me. 

When I have been listening to Joe Arroyo, I feel like I am listening to a Congolese musician with a different sound and language. 

Joe Arroyo is one artist that left a mark in his country and throughout South America. It is incredible that I did not listen to his music a young child and I am glad to say that I know some of his music and he has impressed me a lot. I enjoy his music. His music has increased my interest in salsa music. Though I prefer African and American music more but I can enjoy some Salsa music. One man that I like the most out of all them is Joe Arroyo. 

Rip Joe Arroyo. 

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