Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another person that I meet that has interesting connections

This is a big post. Because it is another person that I found from a person itself or a sibling of mine. 

I had already done a post where I met someone who has a little known profession some time ago. Well almost a year ago. 
Story of Judith 

Well my sister really got something about this person. Like the previous post, it is a woman. Again. AGAIN. Another woman. Any way, my sister was speaking about her band teacher. She told me that her band teacher is a hot shot in Twin Cities.
Jana Meckler (or some call her Jana Nyberg) is a actual music band teacher based in Shakopee, Minnesota (where I currently lived and have since 2006 btw). She teaches at Red Oak Elementry (where my younger siblings went to) and Pearson 6th grade center as a band teacher. It is interesting to have band teachers with their lives. Some do stand out. This woman stands out alright. My sister always insisted that this woman is a special character. I used to dismiss since I did not really care much. 

Turns out that she is somewhat a big deal. She has a career that we can speak of. She was actually on American Idol back 2011. This was when she was and is doing her current profession. How did she got into American Idol, I will never know. But sadly she never went much far. 

But is not an issue as Jana does Jazz music when she is not teaching children about Music especially with people into jazz or classic jazz. 

Here is my actual opinion. She actually a very good singer. Her voice is just something. 
Let me show you a few videos 

Jana Nyberg's voice is actually a combination of Adele and Joss Stone together. That is an excellent combination. I actually like it a lot. 

Maybe at some point, I will try to see if I can actually see them perform live. Who know what the future holds. 

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