Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dream Duet: Franco and Nyoka Longo

I am so happy to do another set of dream duets. 

Two people that I want to see do a duet together is Franco and Nyoka Longo. They need to get a duet together. Because they are both dynamic stars in my opinion. I believe that they can do some songs where Franco can do the storytelling and Nyoka Longo does his average singing. Though Nyoka Longo is not a special singer, he is able to give a show his average voice in a good light. I will give him that. 

But I got a twist here. I have another artist who should part of this duet exchange that I propose. 
That is La Poete. 
Poete Lutumba Simaro. 

Why Simaro Lutumba. Because I know, Nyoka Longo is actually very good with songs of Simaro's musical style. Etape rings a bell. It was a very slow and yet a somewhat poetic song and Nyoka Longo had a big role in that song.With Franco, we know that he sang a few Simaro records. Also a few times, it was great for Franco to play some Simaro songs and make them feel more special. 

Here are few songs that I believe Franco and Nyoka Longo would give them genius material. I am only speaking of mysteries. 
1) Kadima 
2) Makambo 
3) Mangasa 

I think these are the songs that would have been a blast with Franco and Nyoka Longo worked together. 

What event, it would be if this duet had happen. 

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