Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dream Duet: Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle

I am getting prepared for a moment that should happened after a certain concert had occurred. 

It was a great concert and you could see that these two bands were special and as usually, we take them for granted. 

I am speaking about Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle. Actually, I always wondered why Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle did't actually made a song together. I also wondered why they did not have a moment where they knew that they should have done a record together. That is just me. 

I actually say the one person that goes perfectly with the voice of Nyoka Longo is Pepe Kalle. I know I said Nyoka Longo likes a soft person with his voice but I also know Nyoka likes someone who has baritone but yet sill get high notes when needed. That is Pepe Kalle view I got for you. Pepe Kalle fits this dilemma. 

Furthermore, I know that Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle made an duet together, they would be able to sing well together and they could both do the animations since they were great animators and they would not need their animators to help them out. Pepe Kalle in particular is one of the greatest animators to exist. 

I mean look here how dynamic Pepe Kalle and Nyoka Longo were during their 1995 concert. Imagine if they did an actual record together. 

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