Monday, August 10, 2015

If Franco and Nico were together in OK Jazz


MBOTE BANDEKO NA NGAI. NAZOMONA BINO NA BASUSU PEMBENI NGAI. KASI LELO NAKOLOBA BAMUZISIEN MIBALE BANANI BAZALI BAGUITARISTE MINENE PONA KONGO. REPUBLIKI DEMOCRATIKI YA KONGO PELAMOKO ZAIRE. BABETAKA MAKASI MINGI PONA BISO. LELO NAKOPESA LOKUMU MONENE PONA BANGO. (mbote bandeko na ngai. nazomona bino na basusu pembeni ngai. kasi lelo nakoloba bamuzisien mibale banani bazali baguitariste minene pona konho. republiki democratiki ya kongo pelamoko zaire. babetaka makasi mingi pona biso. lelo nakopesa lokumu monene pona bango). (Mbote bandeko na ngai. Nazomona bino na basusu pembeni ngai. Kasi lelo nakoloba bamuzisien mibale banani bazali baguitariste minene pona Kongo. Republiki Democratiki ya Kongo pelamoko Zaire. Babetaka makasi mingi pona biso. Lelo nakopesa lokumu monene pona bango). 

I just introduced you in Lingala which I putted in three different of the same words that I just said. That I putted the way you desired. Anyway I am going to focus on two guitarists. My idol Franco and Dr. Nico. 

I am going to say that is not popular. Franco actually made one mistake that I find. It was not getting Dr. Nico. I know this is not a popular but I have actual reasons why Franco should gotten Nico in his band. I am speaking after 1972. I have some reasons. I'll give you six reasons 

1) Franco was clearly number one 
2) Nico had nothing to do after 1970
3) Franco was already used to difficult personalities. 
4) Franco liked different personalities musically speaking. 
5) I think Nico would have discovered something new about himself. After all, usually Franco brings the best in you in many cases. 

But reason six is where I am talk more about. As mentioned, after the departure of Vicky Longomba, Franco decided to change the music of OK Jazz radically. By 1972, he introduced the music known as "African Jazz" style or more accurately the "AFRISA EFFECT" in the music of OK Jazz. As result, we get acts like Ntesa Dalienst, Josky, Sam Mangwana, Michelino, and others that come into the fold. This is how OK Jazz began to actually become even more popular than they were before.

Franco and Nico in my opinion were made for each other. Since they are two different people, that is what makes musical heaven. As often said, "Opposites attract each other". Franco and Nico were the ones who could have done it and done it well. Furthermore, Nico and Franco would be able to show their personalities on stage and I know many people would love the performances that they would have thrown. 

PS: I will show you songs of Franco and Nico, that would have putted these two legends right together. I will do it soon. 

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