Friday, January 29, 2016

Dream Duet: Babyface and Maxwell

I know many people like to see R&B stars like male R&B stars do their own thing. 

But for me, there are moments where two big R&B shots need to sing together for more pleasure. Sometimes two are better than one. 

Here are the reasons why I believe that Maxwell and Babyface should work together.
1) Babyface knows how to make love sweet love songs
2) Maxwell enjoys sweet love songs. 
3) Babyface seems to have a need for a duet partner. 
4) Maxwell and Babyface have ladies want to throw their panties at them. 
5) They make sure that you feel something special with your love one. 

These reasons alone should be why I believe that Babyface and Maxwell should make a song together.

Since Baby's voice is more smoother and Maxwell's voice is more raunchy, it is mixing milk and honey. It would be so magical and lovely for women. That way, they can have their imagination of romance in their hearts. 

Babyface and Maxwell would be a perfect duo together. 


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