Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pepe Kalle captured Tanzania

Pepe Kalle has one African country that belongs to him. That is Tanzania. 

Tanzania became Pepe Kalle's place when he came to visit back in the early 1990s and ladies would notice him big time. It helped that Pepe Kalle was a very large man meaning his stomach was big. Also Pepe Kalle knew how to dance which I am sure made ladies so happy. 

Pepe Kalle owns Tanzania because I have been told by some local Tanzanians themselves that many people are naming their daughters name Hidaya. Who is hidaya?

Hidaya is a female name more importantly a Arabic female name which actually means "Wisdom". Which explains why I love that name so much. I plan to name my daughter that name if given a chance. 

Also that name was the center of Pepe Kalle's classic song called Shikamo Seye. 

This song got him huge popularity in Tanzania. Tanzania went from the place of Franco to the place of Pepe Kalle once this song came out as his whole work of Gerant. 

Tanzania became a soukous town and also they went overly nuts when Kanda Bongo Man and he could not even perform because people were nuts. 

But the one who made Tanzania a soukous town in the first place was Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle proved that Soukous was a great genre. 

Another reason why I call Pepe Kalle the king of Soukous. 

Tanzania with Pepe Kalle and Kenya with Franco. 

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