Monday, January 2, 2017

Were Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba really FRIENDS?

I am so happy that I enjoy the music of Zaiko Langa Langa and Papa Wemba also. But I have a question. It is stupid but it is important. Were Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba really friends? Really FRIENDS? I have no idea. 

Here is where it comes from. It is the war between 
Nyoka Longo and Pepe Felly. It is clear these two men hate each other and they will never be friends since they have their own ways of living. It leads to Papa Wemba. Was he really friends with Nyoka Longo. 

I will give two possible scenarios 

I will start with yes.

It is possible that Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba were friends because they never had bad words for each other. Unlike other artists, Papa Wemba always had respect for Nyoka Longo. Also Nyoka Longo is probably thankful that Papa Wemba left Zaiko because he leads the band while Papa Wemba became a big international act. 

I will go with no. 
But it is also possible that they were not friends because they hardly made new music together since 1974 except in 1983 and in 2014. Also it is very clear that Papa Wemba likely had a stronger friendship with Pepe Felly. Because they did more music together. In fact one of Papa Wemba's signature work was Pole Position which had the services of Pepe Felly and also, Pepe Felly was in Quatro Langa Langa reunion during the 2000 period. It looks to me that Wemba was closer to the side of Pepe Felly. 

I will always wonder. Were Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba real friends? Who knows. 

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