Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dream Duet: Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala


Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala are my favorite singers in OKJ. Le TPOK Jazz under Franco. 

Now what I am stunned is that Madilu and Youlou never made a single song together. I am so shocked. Because these two singers could have a force together. If Youlou could sound so good with Sam Mangwana of all people, then it would have been even more exciting with Madilu. I mean some people never believed that Sam Mangwana sounded good with Youlou Mabiala. I disagree with them. Listen Okozela trop. You will see the magic of Sam Mangwana and Youlou Mabiala. 

Also Youlou Mabiala had amazing chemistry with Vicky Longomba. People say that Youlou and Vicky sounded similar which in some ways it is true but the difference was that Vicky's voice was much more mellow through than Youlou's voice. 

Just look at this song of Youlou and Vicky singing in a harmony that you can not understand. 

Here is more songs of Vicky during his tenure of Lovy du Zaire which he creates great melody with Youlou in some of them. 

Now remember I just showed two singers that some say that Youlou would never be good with ever in his musical life. Yes Sam Mangwana and Vicky Longomba. If he can sound so good with them, then imagine if Youlou had sang with Madilu. 

Actually for a long time, I had a weird fantasy of voices of Madilu and Youlou.  Recently I was saying that Madilu should have sung with Youlou Mabiala because their voices would have molded together. 

I will explain to you. Madilu would have been Youlou's ideal partner. Because Madilu's voice was husky and it had some specialty that I know that Youlou Mabiala would have love a lot. Youlou would have fitted fit well with Madilu as well. Madilu always had someone who had a more soulful and mellow voices. Think of Malage de Lugendo, Nyboma and Carlyto Lassa. Youlou would have been better with Madilu than another person. I know in my view that Madilu had fire with Carlyto and they were able to move together but it would be much bigger if he sang with Youlou and that is how I see it. 

Furthermore another reason is Youlou Mabiala himself and how he sang with some singers. During his heyday during the 1980s, he created Kamikaze Loningisa. In 1990s, he would do his own OK Jazz. Now these periods, one singer stood out. In fact four singers would catch my eyes. They are Bola Bolithe, Elba Kuluma, Pepito and Tapis Malonga. One person told me that those guys sound heavily similar to Madilu and he is right. The one that sounds the most like Madilu is Bola Bolithe. Bola Bolithe really impressed me with his voice and at times, I thought that was Madilu. I was just stunned. Elba Kuluma was much more aggressive with his voice and he had much more force under his voice that it reminded me of Madilu so deeply. With Tapis Malonga, he is much jolly with his voice and much flowful as a singer and it too reminds me of Madilu so deeply. Bola Bolithe is most like Madilu. 

Based on this, it is very clear that Youlou loved Madilu's voice so deeply. I always wondered and still wonder why no one ever thought of getting these two great singers to sing together. I mean if there is anyone who should have got going with Madilu, it was Youlou Mabiala. Youlou would have had his greatest moments with him. 

What's ironic about this is that Madilu went on to sing with two of the sing-alike singers. Who are they? Bola Bolithe and Elba Kuluma. I wish I was joking but I am not. He would work with them. 

In fact, Madilu was the biggest fan of Elba Kuluma out of all them. According to some folks, apparently Madilu really loved listening to the voice of Elba. In fact it was said that Madilu once joked to Elba that "one day, you will be in OKJ and you will sound like me. I cannot wait for it." Elba apparently told this to someone which signified the friendship between and how much Madilu really believed that Elba had something special. 

That never happened. Bana OK came into form and Elba indeed came to take the "Madilu" role but he managed to find his own twist. 

Finally, with Madilu, Elba would sing on Madilu's last album Bonne Humeur which also had Nyboma and Wuta Mayi as well as Ballou Canta

With this final information, it makes me wonder if Madilu and Youlou had done a collaboration work with some aid from someone like Elba, how would it be? 

Who knows? I am going to another post related Madilu and Youlou. 

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