Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dream Duo: Papa Wemba, Youlou Mabiala

This is a dream duet that should have occurred in Congolese music history. These two men would have set fire in Congolese Music. 

I am talking about Papa Wemba with Youlou Mabiala. I mean Vieux Bokul and Prince Youlou. These two men would have been the perfect duo to make songs together.

You can imagine Youlou's great tenor voice with Papa Wemba's unpredictable countertenor voice. That would make a great duet. Because Youlou's voice would able to mend well with a crazy voice of such an individual like Papa Wemba.

Another reason why I say this should have happened is they both sounded great with someone else. Sam Mangwana. If Papa Wemba sounded great with Sam Mangwana of all people, I imagine Youlou with Wemba. It would have been set with fire. 

I mean Youlou's voice would great with his high tenor while Papa Wemba would sound great with his countertenor especially when it goes low. Both of them being husky, I know that it would make a melodious sound. 

I know that if Papa Wemba and Youlou Mabiala had done a duet together, I know it would have been a classic song and fans would have jumped up and have a great time together. 

BTW I got two songs that they would have sounded great together.
Kamikaze (of Youlou Mabiala)
Papa Do (of Tabu Ley

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