Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dream Trio: Madilu, Pepe Kalle, Tabu Ley

We have a trio that may not have strong popularity but I do believe this trio would have been a blast for certain fans of these men together. 

I am speaking of Madilu, Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley

I think this would have been another version of Empire Bakuba though it is a little different in this sense. It is where you have two Rochereau logos alongside Rochereau himself. 

Madilu and Pepe Kalle are products of Tabu Ley. I would call them the Rochereau logos because they come from the Afrisa school and their voices were clearly inspired by Tabu Ley. Madilu tended to be very husky with his voice while Pepe Kalle was very smooth with his baritone voice. Tabu Ley however was more tenor base than he was baritone. 

These voices would meld well together because Tabu Ley can use those high notes while Madilu could be counter-tenor while Pepe Kalle's incredible baritone. It would make a great melodious sound and I am sure fans would be so happy. 

I got three songs from them that would make sound great together

Madilu's Maria

Pepe Kalle's Ndako ya Zeke 

Tabu Ley's 1977 classic Ponce Pilate

Those songs I know would bring a melodious sound of Madilu, Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley. These men would excel their voices together in those given songs if it had happened. 

Madilu, Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley would have been a great trio in my opinion if it had been reality in some way. 

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