Friday, May 19, 2017

Dream Trio: Bumba Massa, Franco, Youlou Mabiala

This trio ship should have happened. I mean this soukous man went to do a adventure with a rumba legend and the third person should have been in that ride. If these men had been together, more greatness would have occurred. 

I am speaking of Bumba Massa, Franco and Youlou Mabiala

These men should have done some songs together because I know it would have been some pleasure for OKJ fans. OK Jazz fans would able to hearing these men take their voices and it would be distinctive. 

I was surprised to find out that Franco and Bumba Massa did a song together alongside then unknown Street kid Diblo Dibala. Diblo Dibala won a contest and Franco invited him to be alongside him in OKJ. But these songs were just nzingzongs with some OKJ members. One of them included Simaro Lutumba. BTW years later, Diblo Dibala would appear on a Simaro Lp with King of Soukous Pepe Kalle and Carlyto

Here is the song

I am impressed how Bumba Massa and Franco crossed paths. I wonder how it was just them together with Bouesso Mbemba. 

But I know the song would have been better done if it had the voices of Bumba, Franco and Youlou together. The song would have had more flavor in the song. 

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