Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Importance of Youlou's voice

Forgive me for my issues lately. I have been having problems and I have been angry. I just had to let go my anger because I did not want to spread too much into this week which should be a solid simple week. SERIOUSLY.

Now let me focus on one person that I have been a fan of since I was a child. I have always loved this man before I became a Franco and Pepe Kalle fanatic. I am speaking of OK Jazz's greatest golden vocalist name Youlou Mabiala or better known as Prince Youlou. Youlou Mabiala is one of the best Congolese singers I have heard of for a long time. I am not just meaning Congo-Brazzaville but two Congos, he is the top 15 vocalists of all time. Also Youlou is one of the most excellent back up singers of all time. He is a genius.

The importance of Youlou's voice is that he is someone who is able to provide some beautiful ring when he sings a song. This could be no more true on many OK Jazz songs. One paritcular example is Lutumba Simaro's classic mind song BISALELA. This song just shows why Youlou is a chart topping singer. His prescene was so felt and he managed to overshadow other singers like Josky Kiambukuta and Michel Boyibanda. Youlou Mabiala's excellent lead singing just made the song sooth through and he was able to show how confident he was.

But Youlou made some great masterpieces after OK Jazz. Sure his music may have changed a little bit but his voice remained almost the same. When I listened some Youlou songs (POST OK JAZZ), I saw that Youlou had one thing that remained. He was so confident in his singing and he was able to make great notes as a singer. He was able to just remain a mature confident great vocalist. That is why I say Youlou's voice is key to Congolese Music.

Youlou Mabiala is someone who was able to mantain his voice all healthy strong from 1960s to early 2000s before his health problems caught up to him. No matter what, Youlou Mabiala's vocals are so important because he was so confident that his voice was able to remain strong for a long time. That is an accomplishment that most singers in general can not do.

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