Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bokelo's fascinating song

This song has been in my head in particular head in many ways. I mean I have been able not to stop playing this song many times. When I want to play other songs, then this song always manages to comeback. It is so fascinating. This song is unique.

The song that I am speaking of comes from the underated but a late great musician from Congo name Johnny Bokelo Isenge. This Equator star manages to make a song about a woman from a different Congo group. The song is called Tshala. The name Tshala comes from the group MULUBA. Could the snog referred to Tshala Muana? Doubt it, though very possible. This song may have been inspired by seeing Tshala Muana. But I wonder why Bokelo would make a song about a Muluba woman. It will always be interesting

Bokelo regardless made a classic song here with perfect singers and of course, perfect guitars with solo of Cain Madoka and rhythm of Mr. Bokelo himself.

Here the song here

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