Saturday, February 18, 2012

Franco vs. Pepe Kalle: Who is better?

If there is one interesting discussion I had during this weeekedn was whether which of my two favorite personnels are better. I am speaking of Grand Maitre Franco and Giantafrique Pepe Kalle. Why you suppose? I made a joke that I was not in a mood to talk about Franco and Pepe Kalle but my family members decided to talk these two men anyway. So I did.

I am often asked who I think is better. Well it is very subjective but clearly one has an advantage over the other. One of them is who is a better musician? Franco. Who is the better singer? Pepe Kalle. Who was the better band leader? Franco. Who has the bigger star? Pepe Kalle.

But then comes ties who has a better connection with their culture or who people relate to better? It is a big tie because they both understood how hard life can be. Also both have shown their love for their culture by signing in their native tongue (Franco on Kikongo and Pepe Kalle on Tshiluba).

Because of this, I say neither is better than the other but it is fair to compare these two great legends because they are the true Kings of Congolese Music. They advance Congo music farther than anyone else. So these two Kings will be missed for a long time. Franco and Pepe Kalle are the Kings of Congolese Music.

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