Franco's cool odd song

This is the man I am a big fan of. Yep Grand Maitre Franco. Franco as I said managed to produce unique songs that other people can not do and can never do well anyway.

He makes another great song that is unique but yet does not seem to be like him. I am speaking of the song called Bilombe Ya Mindule. The song sounds like Les Bantous de Capltiale. I mean they made similiar sounds to this song. But then again that is wrong because Mujos is so much part of this song. He was not part of Les Bantous during the late 1960s. Also Franco's guitar always manages to make a strong sound.

Franco's greatness was shown here because he was someone who was unique. Franco's prescene was known here and people can see Franco in this song. Franco is the man who pionered guitar so well. Franco was the man of Rumba Music.

Franco will be missed for a long time.

Here the song


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