Saturday, February 18, 2012

Franco's unique song to me

This is a unique song to me from Franco. I am speaking of Grand Maitre Franco. The man who founded OK Jazz and is the first King of Congolese Music. This song is a simple but yet a enjoyable song that I can not get enough of.

This song I am speaking about is the song called Ngai Kaka Bomboko. This song happens to be a political song but the hell cares. This song a great song to my eyes anyway. Franco always had something for people to talk about. This song is one of them. As for the subject, Franco was speaking about a Congolese Politician name Justin Bomboko who was a liked politician and was the one who tried to fight the colonial corrupt power. So Franco decided to make a song dedicating the song to him. Franco's singing starts to intesify as his lead vocals come. We hear a beautiful duo from Josky and Youlou. Franco was a happy man when making this song. It was a great political song from Franco and Franco always had a care for Congo. This is a good thing. Grand Maitre Franco will always hold to be the first King of Congolese Music.

Here is the song itself. This song is unique to my eyes.

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