Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My proposition on Soul Music

Well some days ago, I had a interesting conversation with someone on want SOUL MUSIC is? Well, I have no idea. Then someone made a weird suggestion. There is a thing called Jamaican Soul Music. I was like, this person must be in a stupid land. Then I checked if there is such thing. Well actually there is such thing as JAMAICAN SOUL MUSIC. The question that has been wondering in my head is the following: WHAT IS SOUL MUSIC?

I make my proprosition on what soul music actually is. Well Soul Music is music where it was generated by Black people to make music where the Black person sang in a certain way. I mean this music was meant to be where you were known for singing and that SOUL voice you would have.

This music has so many styles of this music. I mean there are many. We have Motown Soul (Detroit), Nu-Jazz and soulful electronia, Deep Soul (Southern), Memphis Soul, New Orleans Soul, Blue-eyed Soul, Neo Soul, British Soul, Northern Soul (Modern), Chicago Soul, and Philadelphia Soul. These styles of Soul Music have been able to adance this music. Some notable soul artists we have include Fantashia, Al Green, and many others. This is why Soul Music is so important to my eyes.

This is why Soul Music is a great genre. I recommend that more people hear some soul music because it so good and it has a strong beauty and it brings some uniquesses that other music don't have. Even better now it is no longer a Black thing. Now other races dig this music especially Whites which is a good thing. Look at Adele as example. Adele loves soul music and she does soul music very well. I find that a progress. Soul Music is a great music kind that others need to hear.

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