Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why African Music is so hated Part Two

Young Africans

If you want to know the second reason why African Music is so hated is due to ruin the identity of one group: Young Africans. See the problem is that many young Africans feel so guilty of letting go their African culture and they believe that they are the only reason why they don't listen to African music anymore. Many people point the finger at young Africans saying that they are bunch of dummies and hate Africans. But I will set things straight.

I don't fault young Africans for not listening to African music that much at all. It is not their fault. It is purely the fault of most typical misguided narrow minded Westerners. They live in a environment it is a generally white environment and they are BLACKS (meaning those who are slave descendent) and other people. Based on that, there is no encouragement to listen to African music. What is usually the music which is generally western music and generally English speaking. It is Rock, Country, R&B, and Hip Hop which I really enjoy Hip Hop and R&B a lot. That is about it. So young Africans try to fit in with these groups. Generally they have to agree on everything including the music which is West and English speaking. That is it. Then they act like typical Western person thinking nobody will find out who they are. But when they hear some African music somewhere else they feel so guilty that they wish they were not Westerner at all.

Just a good example is at my school, when I played Roger Milla by Pepe Kalle. Some young African felt so guilty because he felt he chosed to get rid of his African self. I told him that he has to fit in like I do.

I myself was in a similiar mood. I had the same situation. I used to listen to only American music. When I heard Congolese music, I thought the music was utterely meaningless. Then when I really realized the greatness of Congolese music. Though I have few friends but I am proud to get my Congo part of me.

I just hope the best for young Africans who feel guilty to get their original identity back.

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