Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why I am the biggest Franco right now?

One fascinating thing about me is that I think I am the biggest fan of Franco. The thing is that I am 18 years old. I am a young guy and I should like other musicians but I found myself to be a big Franco fan.

I believe that I am the biggest Franco fan right now. I am so convinced about this because I am the biggest Franco defender at all his loyal fans. What people need to know is that Franco is the first King of Congolese Music then comes Pepe Kalle. Why do you think my name is Franco Pepe Kalle. Because I am a huge Franco fan and I apperciate his music so much.

Another factor is that Franco was a simple human being. He was able to smile in a show and you knew Franco enjoy making music and enjoyedd doing his entertainment. Franco was someone who knew how to relate to common people though he made big money and he was richer than any other Congolese musician. Franco just was able to put in a spot and wonder about life.

This is why I am a big fanatical fan of Franco. Franco will always be the Congolese Music First King.

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