Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why two black legends die on black history month?

One thing that stands out to me is that two important in black music die on the black history month. It is so ironic to my eyes. It shocks me as we are celebrating Black History month and we have to find out that they are dead at this time.                     
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I am speaking about Soul Train founder Don Cornelius and R&B legend Whitney Houston. They both passed on the black history month. It is so sad because this is time to celebrate not to mourn.

What both happened was that they were in a depressing state and nobody wanted to help either pratically Whitney was known for a drug addiction. Whitney had a great night prior to her death when she drank a lot of champagne with her friends including most notably Kelly Price who says that Whitney made her a star. Don was having major decline health but he never wanted people to know that.

This is got to be something that was totally unexpected. We were expecting to have a good time where Don would continue to live while Whitney Houston would have been on a great comeback. Instead they are both dead and worse they die on the month where their imput is remembered.

RIP to both of these great black brother and sister. I hope they rest in well.

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