Friday, March 2, 2012

Bad Side of listening to International Music

Well I have notice that being into many kinds of music can be a bad thing. Well at least according to my mom. I am not sure whether her view is right or not.

Well yesterday at my house, I was not playing either a Congolese or American Music. I was paying a song from Mali which happens to be Arabic music. The band was Rail Band with now popular legend Mory Kante. You can see him in my earlier post here Mory Kante Life. This song is where Mory Kante sounded so unique in that song. He brought his inner passion out with this singing. But apparently one family member of mine was not too happy. That was my mom. My mom was whining that the song was TOO ARABIC. It was funny to hear. My family members were whining about how I seem not to apperciate my roots with hearing some Colombian, Peurto Rican, Mali, and Guinea music.

Though I am a open minded person, there is a con listening to many music. The con side is that people will think that I don't apperciate my roots because I expand my music listening from Congolese and American music to let's say Colombian. My mom will think that I am too wild and don't seem to find my place. But the truth is that we live in a global world and I think I should be able to expand myself which can help break down cultural barriers. But the problem is that we are used to our things that we can not understand why it is important to open ourselves to other people.

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