Monday, March 19, 2012


I had a very good weekend. I am in a great mood with some good homework being done. Also I felt this week, I feel more inclined to hear msome great Congolese Music. I say this so I can be my normal self.

To get that started, I am going to give you a classic song from Franco. Yep, I mean Grand Maitre Franco. He made three series songs of the name. No, I am not speaking of Marip but I am speaking of the name Fabrice which is another way to say Fabric. Franco made three versions of Fabrice. Each of them are classic in its own way.

But the one I am covering on this post is Fabrice 2. Fabrice 5 Ya Ans. This Fabrice song sort of a political and also a social song. This song Franco talks about clothings and its effect on the whole Africa. Based on Franco's mood, I can say that Franco is thrilled when he injects Africa Mobimba. Don't forget that we have perfect melodies voices of Josky Kaimbukuta, Madilu System, and Ntesa Dalienst. Also, Franco's lead vocals are so perfect in this song.

I like this sversion because it is 12 minutes. Also don't forget we have 4 minute great solo of Grand Matire Franco. Franco's solo was a rockin legend. Franco was fierce on his guitar and sounded perfect on his guitar.

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