Thursday, April 5, 2012

Artist Profile Number Four: Adamo Ekula

Hello people, I am going to do another person I want you guys to be aware of. WHY? Welll because I love Congolese Music a lot and plus this person has always been one of my favorite singers I have heard for some time. I find his voice to be value and his music and his performances are just too good to me.

I am speaking of one person name Adamo Ekula. This man is not known to many local Congolese Music but those who love Congolese music in general, you guys need to hear this man. Adamo has quite a distinctive career and has made impact on bands.

Adamo began his musical journey in 1986 when he joined the band Grand Zaiko Wawa de Pepe Felly. Adamo started getting buzz when he participated on the international Love Me with Grand Zaiko crew. That song got Adamo some buzz. For the next two years, he would be impactable singer and his voice stood out from others. Even Mr. Djo Poster did not have the voice like Adamo had according to many people. Also Shimita did not seem to have the voice uniqueness like Adamo Ekula.

But his music career really got started when he joined Zaiko Langa Langa. Well the Zaiko Langa Langa band he joined was Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka. This band at the time had Dindo Yogo, Nyoka Longo, Gege Mangaya, and others. Immediately soon, Adamo Ekula had the star in him born. Soon he got only better. In 1991, Dindo Yogo left the band which gave only more attention for Adamo alongside with Malage, and Thylon who was a member of Orchestre Kiam, I think. Soon you would hear Adamo Ekula contribute to a lot of works including Recontres, Backline Lesson One, Feelings, and Poison.

But one song he made that stood out is the song Exil which was released in 1989. It had also had the voice of late Dindo Yogo.

But as soon as Adamo Ekula went to Europe, he had some happiness and he soon married his wife Cathy Ekula. After that, Adamo Ekula left Zaiko Langa Langa in June 2009 and form his band Les Stars de Zaiko (now Zaikas Kolo Mboka). He released a popular album Tata Yoyo which had some notable success.

Adamo Ekula is continuing with his band and has had some smalle concerts and he has continued to grow more base of people as his music becomes more known.

This is one artist I want you guys to check out. Adamo's page is here
Adamo Ekula- Myspace

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