Monday, April 16, 2012

Artist Profile Number Six: Nzuzi Makambo

I am so sorry to all my followers for not posting last week. So many stuff that was going on. Trying to spend more time on schoolwork to better study so I am more prepared for long dwendling college. Plus I have been spending more time on Facebook than I should to. I use Facebook more now because I am doing a research paper on Facebook and its long notices.

I am now going back to writing for two more artists to check out. This is series six. I am speaking one man who has his own career. He is someone who has his own voice and has a distinctive career. I am speaking about the man himself known as Nzuzi Makambo.

This man is unique from other fellow Congolese Musicians. Nzuzi Makambo was born in 1961 from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He grew up in good conditions and became a promising man. Nzuzi Makambo is currently star according to many. That should be the case anyway. One little known fact was that Nzuzi Makambo was actually a lyricist during many of his music career. He was a lyricist. He wrote lyrics for many artists especially one person who he claims is his greatest impersation: Madilu System. He claims Madilu really inspired to become a singer.

So in 2009, Nzuzi Makambo decided to get his singing career started. Now he is on process to release his first upcoming album. This album has some great list of supporters. They include Josky Kiambukuta, Lutumba Simaro, Elba A, and Luciana Demingongo. This album will come out soon.

I am asking anyone who has knownledge of this artist, help him. You guys need to support. I have heard of his songs and they are incredible. So anyone wanting to promote, I suggest you do so.

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