Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is happening on the next 7 posts

Hello my followers and my fellow blogger colleagues. Now I am writing slightly bigger and more bolder.

What I am going to do is very important for people. I am going to do something I really shouldn't do but I sort gotta do it.

Well I had spent lots of time on facebook last month and got to meet new people and see new views. I am trying to expand my ultra life a little bit so people can see who I am. I also had great conversations and I am learning how to be a better person. Things in that nature.

But what I am going to do is this. I will explain. Well I have talked to some people that are known to some people and are popular musicians. I have actually got to speak to all of them. Most of them want me to become their personal assistant saying they need me so much. I said to them, I can't. So I promised this and now I am going to do it. I am going to expose them to my followers and my fellow blogger colleagues. I am going to do on my next 7 posts are basically going to dedicate to them. I will try my best to give the right image of these seven musicians. I want you guys to know them. I am going to plead to you to help them too.

Here are the musicians I am going to do in my next posts
April 2: Tres B B D'or
April 3: Yves Francois
April 4: Lilas Lafleur
April 5: Adamo Ekula
April 6: Kas Kasongo
April 9: Nzuzi Makambo
April 10: Dona Mobeti

Those are the ones I am going to make posts about. Hope you guys will help them that are needed.

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