Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deep value of Pepe Kalle & Simaro- Trahison

There is a great record that I cannot get enough of. Lately I have been enduring lots of scrutiny for being more happier than many of my misguided colleagues. But I take advantage of being a good person who cares about the world.

One group who has been under so much scrutiny is my fellow Congolese people as they are suffering so much in Congo itself and are barely developed with so much pain that they have to endure every day and seeing women being raped and children being forced into coltan makes me sick to my stomach.

I do live in a highly civilized society and I do have some good money and yes I have been blessed with some great things. But I do not and will not forget where I CAME FROM. I apperciate the roots that I have been given. I need to be grateful for what I GOT.

This rant of mine leads this song that I has been touching my heart lately. I am speaking of my idol late Pepe Kalle and great poet of Zaire name Lutumba Simaro. These two great giants teamed for the last time which was a year before Pepe Kalle's unfortunate passing. This song touches me in many ways that I cannot understand and for some reason I sometimes weep when I hear this song. It is so damn touching to me as a young Congolese American who has endured to so much pain. I have been through so much challanges because of this idea of being the perfect American is so redicilous unless you apperciate your roots.

Anyway this song is called Trahison. This song has a deep message behind it. Pepe Kalle sings about the beauty of challanges. The hard life of love, marriage, family, and of course friends. Also Pepe Kalle speaks about the importance of the soil that you come from. This message is powerful to me as I struggle to get through. But I am someone who will keep going because I understand how hard life is.


Pepe Kalle 1951-98

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