Monday, May 28, 2012

Franco: Attention Na Sida

Well we enter the late 1980s in the Congolese Music Scene. Things began to change. More people wanted Soukous Music to come up. Rumba Music seemed to become the music of the past.

Now we speak of one person that many people started to turn their backs on. I am speaking of Le Grand Maitre Franco. He unfortunately became sick. He decided to make one of his final records. One record was called Attention Na Sida. That song was Franco's song where he warn people about becoming aware of Aids and HIV. He speaks about people who can get affected by this sad diesase. He also complains about why many authorities are doing little to let people know about this sad diease.

Franco knew what he was talking about and he actually spoke perfect French. Franco was correctly telling people about this disease and how we need to work hard to prevent people from this sad disease. Sadly Franco passed away only two years after this song came out. RIP Franco.

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